Get-FrameworkVersion 1.5

Recently I posted Get-FrameworkVersion. The cmdlet’s job was to examine a particular computer for all versions of the Windows .NET Framework installed on that computer. This was a version 1.0 effort, but it did the job, especially when you were interested only in the local computer. So, if you didn’t mind copying the script to every computer you were interested in, all was great!

However, the requests came in quickly to add support for scanning remote computers. This wasn’t surprising.

This sounds like a simple request, but how to provide it (given no control over a company’s infrastructure) is not as obvious. So, in this version, I’ve added remote support, and made a couple of SWAGs about the best ways to do it. Let me know how it works for you!

I’ve also added extensive help and examples to the cmdlet, as well as documented the internal operation of the cmdlet (for the PowerShell scripters out there).

Get the script on the TechNet Gallery: Display a list of all .NET Framework Versions installed on a computer.

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