Get-FrameworkVersion.ps1 displays a list of all .NET Framework versions installed on a computer. While other scripts perform similar functionality, those I found were not well-behaved when they found an unknown version. Thus, the genesis for this version. Operation is simple:

PS C:\scripts> .\Get-FrameworkVersion.ps1
v2.0.50727       2.0.50727.4927   SP2
v3.0             3.0.30729.4926   SP2
v3.5             3.5.30729.4926   SP1
		Client           4.7.02556
		Full             4.7.02556

Current .NET Framework version: 4.7.1 on Windows 10 (4.7.02556 = release 461308)
PS C:\scripts>

I have posted the script on the TechNet Gallery: Display a list of all .NET Framework Versions installed on a computer.

The script is small enough that you can easily use it inside an Invoke-Command to execute on another computer. I will add native remote functionality in the next version.

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