Get-FrameworkVersion 1.6

In early December of 2017 I posted Get-FrameworkVersion 1.5. The cmdlet’s job was to examine a particular computer for all versions of the Windows .NET Framework installed on that computer. It has the capability of scanning the local computer or a remote computer. Remote computers can be accessed using CIM (with or without DCOM) or Windows RPC (also known as the Remote Registry Service).

This new version adds checking and reporting for BlockNetFramework registry key values. Each version of the .NET Framework can be blocked by creating a registry key value named BlockNetFramework<version> and setting the value data to a non-zero number. For example, BlockNetFramework472 with a value data of DWORD 1 would suppress the installation of .NET Framework 4.7.2. See the image below:

regedit image

Get the script on the TechNet Gallery: Display a list of all .NET Framework Versions installed on a computer.

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