iOS 11 about to release – Things to be aware of

Apple has announced that iOS 11 will be released tomorrow (September 19, 2017). If you are a Windows admin, there are probably some things about which you should be aware. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but does describe some rather important items…

  1. Exchange ActiveSync is broken when you run Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016. Apple is aware of the issue and is pursuing a fix. On a technical level, this happens because iOS 11 is improperly negotiating a HTTP/2 TLS connection and the connection fails. Microsoft has a fully supported workaround, which disables HTTP/2 TLS connections.

    The workaround is described in this article: How to deploy custom cipher suite ordering in Windows Server 2016.

    This only occurs with iOS 11 and Windows Server 2016, because in earlier versions of each, HTTP/1.1 was the default, not HTTP/2.

    (If you think the article name is weird, well so do I.)

  2. The default picture format for iPhones 7/8/X is changing. As a Microsoft employee wrote earlier today:

    The new photo and video formats result in files about 1/2 size of the old JPEG and video formats, while having better quality. The problem is that new files will likely not open properly outside of your phone until everything that you use to work with photos updates to work with new HEIF formats.

    To check if your iOS 11 phone uses the new format, go to Settings > Camera > Formats. “High Efficiency” is new and “Most Compatible” is the old / current.

    I do not suggest to just turn this off; hey – getting files half the size is super cool. Just realize that if you use the photos outside of your phone that there might be temporary issues with viewing.

    Windows and OneDrive do not yet support the new formats.

    h/t ninob

  3. Yammer and Dynamics CRM apps have not yet been updated for iOS 11.

    There are a wide variety of Intune changes/impacts with iOS 11:

    Support Tip: Intune Support for iOS 11

    Perhaps the two things most notable to your users: [3a] An updated Company Portal and Managed Browser are required for iOS 11, and [3b] Drag-and-drop (a new feature of iOS 11) is disabled when a device is enrolled with Intune.

    h/t briand

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