Creating Lots of Exchange Mailboxes for Testing Purposes

I'm in the process of developing a large new script and to test it properly, I needed to create several thousand new users with mailboxes. While I've previously written scripts like this for Exchange 2003, I didn't have one handy for Exchange 2007 and later.

So I whipped one up and decided to share! As you can probably tell, this script will create, by default, 6,000 users and mailboxes. You do have to tell it the password to assign, and you should change the $upnDomain to be a proper choice for your environment.


	[int]$minValue =    1,
	[int]$maxValue = 6000,
	[string]$upnDomain = 'smithcons.local'

$password = ( get-credential UserName-Not-Important ).password

for( $i = $minValue; $i -le $maxValue; $i++ )
	$user = "User" + $i.ToString()
	New-Mailbox $user `
		-alias $user `
		-userprincipalname ( $user + '@' + $upnDomain ) `
		-samaccountname $user `
		-firstname $user `
		-lastname $user `
		-password $password



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