Disabling WSUS Logging (or any website on Windows Server 2008)

SBS 2008 has IIS logging enabled by default. For most websites on an SBS server, this probably isn’t an issue.

However, the WSUS Administration website can generate very high traffic. On my client’s servers, I’ve seen 5 GB generated in just a couple of months. One person reported as much as 7.5 GB generated within a month.

Unless you need this logging for some debugging purpose, you can easily disable the logging. Sure, there are command line ways to do it, but in this case, using the GUI is pretty easy.

Open the IIS Manager and expand both the server and the Sites nodes in the Connections pane. See the figure below.

Next, click on the WSUS Administration website, then locate the IIS feature named Logging in the main pane. Double-click on it (or single click and select “Open Feature” from the Action pane).

Finally, click Disable, red-circled in the figure below. That’s all it takes!

If you should ever need to re-enable logging, you can return to this same window. Once disabled, the “Disable” action changes to “Enable”.

Disabling WSUS Logging

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