Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate

After a wait of almost 24 hours – the download is available.

Yesterday, the Microsoft Exchange team announced the immediate availability of the Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate with this posting. However…. there was a complication… it wasn’t available!

As of a few minutes ago (1630 EST) the situation was resolved and you can now download the RC here.

A couple of quick notes about this release:

  • This is the Enterprise edition of Exchange Server
  • To use the DAG functionality, you’ll need the Enterprise Edition of Windows Server
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are both supported – but no version of Server 2003 or earlier version of Server 2008
  • You will be able to upgrade to the released version of Exchange Server when it is released, but you CANNOT upgrade from Enterprise RC to Standard RTM
  • You cannot install DAG (which uses Windows Failover Clustering) and NLB on the same server (this is a Windows restriction, not an Exchange restriction)
  • This is an RC – that is, it is feature complete but may still have bugs.

There is a huge amount of additional functionality over Exchange Server 2007 – however, much of it is only available in the Exchange Management Shell. Since this release is feature complete, I don’t expect that to change prior to RTM.

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