Named Properties, What Lies Ahead…

Microsoft is preparing to make a potentially breaking change that deals with how Exchange Server 2007 handles named properties. This change is scheduled to be a part of Service Pack 2 and of Exchange Server 2010 at RTM.

This change involves the promotion (i.e., the visibility to non-MAPI clients) of X-* headers in incoming e-mail messages. This can potentially affect the operation of e-mail clients that depend on POP-3 and IMAP (and even Outlook, if you are using rules that look at headers).

Unlike certain earlier versions of Exchange, Exchange 2007 and above do not have a STM file – this means that incoming Internet e-mail is ALWAYS translated to MAPI format and that all headers are not necessarily retained – especially if they are X-* headers. This can cause a fidelity issue (i.e., you can’t reproduce EXACTLY what you received). For probably 99.999% of customers – this isn’t an issue. At least, that’s the opinion.

So…. Microsoft is looking for input and they’ve asked for Exchange MVPs to help get the word out.

To express your opinion, see Named Properties, Round 2: What lies Ahead.

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