Single-Label Domains (SLDs) and the Next Version of Exchange

I’ve written several times about the inadvisability of having an Active Directory domain name that has a single-label. My most recent article was Wrapping Up SLDs and Exchange Server 2007 in April of 2008.

At that time, Ed Beck of Microsoft wanted to assure me that if customers found bugs, they should report them and Microsoft would investigate the issues and address the issues based on the standard engineering review decision process within Microsoft. That is, Microsoft was’t closing the door on fixing problems with SLDs in Exchange 2007.

Now, the next version of Exchange, which is code-named E14, is in development. Yesterday, Ed emailed me and told me that Microsoft released a forward-looking statement indicating that they are investigating the SLD policy for E14 (Ed authored the article on the MS Exchange Team Blog: Next version of Exchange and Single Label Domain (SLD) policy under review).

I guess if I were you – and using an SLD – now would be the time to make yourself known! Feedback is accepted on the Exchange Team Blog site for quite a while after a posting. Let them know your opinion!

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